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A little about us!

Chances Environmentally Friendly Products (Chances EFP) grew out of my desire to create real employment opportunities for lower functioning adults with autism like my son, Joseph.  

When Joey turned 27 and still did not have a plan to get a job or any promising vocational training, I started to think about ways Joey could create his own employment opportunities. He loved to keep busy and to use his hands to make things so we started making lavender sachets at home with the lavender from my garden. He loved it! Soon we started to make lavender spray and totally non-toxic, environmentally friendly laundry soap. 

 Joey’s day program was enthusiastic about incorporating this business model into the schedules of Joey and three other young men. Today, they spend a part of their day making these wonderful lavender products.  To date Chances EFP has sold hundreds of sachets, lavender sprays, and bags of all natural laundry soap in and around the community.

Individuals with autism deserve the chance to work at a job they enjoy, and we are proud of both the opportunities and the products that we create.

Marina & Joseph Horan 


Why Us?


Chances EFP is proud to give individuals with autism a chance to work making quality lavender products.

They take pride in their work, and it shows!

High Quality Products

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While our focus is to employ, we are also proud of the quality products that we create.


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